Occupy! Goddard: A Conference on the Occupy Wall Street Movement and Student Activism

Goddard has always been a home for experiments in education that help students foster greater involvement in their communities, so it’s no wonder that the college is hosting a one-day conference  March 10th to explore the core values and actions of OWS in relation to student activism. Taking place at the college in Plainfield, VT, the conference will bring together a diversity of people to examine how colleges and universities can support and encourage students to stand up for what they believe.

Molly Knefel

Speakers include Les Leopold, Author & Founder/Director of The Labor Institute and the Public Health Institute; Molly Knefel, Stand-up comic, radio host, writer and OWS protester; Amin Husain, Lawyer and NY OWS organizer; Journalist, stand-up comic, radio host arrested at OWS Zuccoti Park for tweeting; Abigail Borah, student activist who disrupted climate talks in South Africa with impassioned speech; Max Berger, Activist and OWS organizer; Yotam Marom, Activist and OWS organizer; and Gunner Scott, Activist and transgender rights advocate.

The conference is also exceedingly affordable at only $10. To register, please click here. Coming to the conference is also a great way to get a sense of the kind of discussions and explorations the college supports.

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2 Responses to Occupy! Goddard: A Conference on the Occupy Wall Street Movement and Student Activism

  1. Theodore A. Hoppe says:

    This conference happened a week ago and I am hard press to find any thing about its outcomes on the web. What happened there?

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