Toward a Noetic Ecology wtih Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson, a current Individualized MA student in the Consciousness Studies concentration, has just posted a great video on his studies, discussing “Cultural evolution, cyborgs, technology & consciousness: exploring what possibilities our era brings to us.”

Here’s how he begins his fascinating discussion:

The best way of understanding any particular field or inquiry or especially, as far as cultural studies go, a cultural transformation such as the internet age, is a multi-disciplinary perspective, and beyond that….we also have to have a qualitative experience of shifting out of one dimension of mind to another. That might be a fancy way of just saying that in addition to rationality, in addition to scholarship and….using the discerning mind, we have other faculties of mind…that are more imaginative and artistic and poetic, and those too can be brought into scholarship. I think a balance of both the science and the art, the imagination and the science, are very important.

Listen to the whole talk right here. To learn more about Jeremy’s studies and explorations, check out his blogs or follow him on twitter:

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