After earning her degree in the IMA program, during which time she studied and wrote memoir, Dina Wolff went onto find a career in writing, and also to find someone who changed her life: Aster, her adoptive daughter from Ethiopia. Now she brings the loves of her life, writing and Aster, together in a new memoir, Finding Aster: Our Ethiopian Adoption Story.

As explained on her website for the book, “Dina’s process begins with major surgery that leaves her unable to bear children. After recovery begins and burgeoning health finds her ready to discover what’s next, she and her husband decide to become parents. The journey that began in illness pushes Dina into places she never thought she would go, both within herself as a woman, and in the outside world to Africa.”

The book is already a hit, and a must-read for many who are re-visioning family and planet, as explains Kathryn Pope Olsen, founding executive director of AHOPE for Children:

“Dina writes with candor of her hopes, fears and frustrations as she seeks adoptive motherhood. She describes her path in a way that is informative, even at times cautionary, to anyone who might be considering international adoption and adoption from Ethiopia specifically. On her way to motherhood, Dina learns firsthand of the realities of Ethiopia where an entire generation of parents has been decimated by AIDS, leaving thousands of children orphaned. Dina does find Aster, but the search has been transformative and Dina not only adopts a child, she embraces a cause. Her book is not just a story about adoption; it is a call to adoption.”

To learn more about Dina, her writing and coaching, please visit her website. You can also find her blog, and links to related organizations at

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