ADHD, Media Literacy, Jung & Embodiment: Graduating Presentations at the Upcoming Residency

At the upcoming IMA residency Feb. 18-25, our graduating student is small but mighty, covering everything from what it means to be human to media literacy for children to ADHD Coaching to the Jung and the problem of evil. Here are the presentations they’ll be giving to communicate the scope and depth of their studies.

Deidre Long

Deidre Long: The Feeling and Knowing of Being. I entered Goddard with the question, “What doesit mean to be human?” Over the last three years I have had to radically revise my worldview in order to discover answers that made sense to me. Prior to my study here, what I had observed and experienced was increasing feelings of disconnection, fragmentation, and alienation. I have spent the last three years unraveling and unlearning a “dis-embodied” framework, while, at the same time, re–membering and re–learning myself as body. My thesis is concerned with demonstrating the process I underwent as I became more grounded in my own embodied self. I continually ask myself “what do I feel and what can I know as a body” as well as “What difference does it make?” Although, I started my quest here with a philosophical question, I ended up with an experiential answer. In order to understand my own humanity, I have had to embrace and experience my own embodiment.

Mary Rothschild: The Story of Life? Families, Young Children, and Media. What stories do commercial media tell young children? How do those narratives impact their development? How can families access and strengthen their own stories in the midst of societal and media influences? Bring your experience, your open mind, and your wisdom to this presentation, discussion, and interactive workshop and we’ll explore these complex questions together.

Mike Nachman and family

Michael Nachman: ADHD: What is it? How Can Coaching Help? ADHD is much more than notbeing able to pay attention. I’ve spent my whole life struggling with the disorder, but I’ve also spent the last two years figuring out ways to help myself and others that have it. I will discuss my ADHD issues, my clients ADHD issues, how I have helped them. Even if you don’t have the disorder the workshop will be eye opening, educational, and interactive.

Todd Beaton: C.G. Jung and the Problem of Evil. During this brief presentation I will highlight
some of the connections between Jung’s personal experience, his later theories about the complex nature of the psyche and how the unconscious contributes toward what is typically labeled evil. Select dreams and memories from Jung’s autobiography will be explored, as well as some of his major conclusions about the continued problem of evil in Western civilization. The latter part of this commentary will include a look at how certain aspects of Christianity and contemporary society may inadvertently contribute toward the promotion of unconscious activity, further leading to the problem of evil writ large.

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