What Transformative Language Artists Do To Make A Living

Brian Moore

We recently put on the Transformative Language Arts Resource Page a list of what Transformative Language Artists — our graduates and students — are doing as their vocation and avocation. Featuring the websites or links from publications and blogs of 40 TLAers, this new page offers a quick window in how people can create their own livelihoods, such as Stephanie Sandmeyer, founder of Kairos Narrative Facilitation, which offers audio portraits, workshops, archiving, memoir and biography consulting in Eugine, OR;

Minna Dubin

Brian Sunset (Moore), who founded the Cascadia Arts Center, offering workshops on healing self, community and nature through expression arts in Eugene, OR; Emily Van Strien, who is part of a Playback Theatre troupe in Portland, ME; Nancy Morgan, who’s been Arts and Humanities Director at a cancer research center in Washington, D.C.; and Minna Dubin, a teaching artist in San Francisco.

You can also read TLA founder’ s interview on TLA and right livelihood at AStoriedCareer.com, Visit the TLA Resources Page and A Storied Career for more.

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