Katt Lissard: Watch The Contamination Waltz – a new 7 minute video about HIV/AIDS and theatre for social change in Lesotho, southern Africa.

The Contamination Waltz highlights the creative process of the Winter/Summer Institute (WSI). Since its launch in 2006, WSI has been bringing performers and directors, students and teachers, together from three continents to create collaborative theatre in Lesotho. IMA faculty member, Katt Lissard, is WSI’s artistic director.

Launched in June 2006 by eight colleagues from the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), the Republic of South Africa (RSA), and Lesotho, WSI is a multicultural, collaborative effort among faculty facilitators and student performers from three continents as well as community participants from the rural mountain villages of Lesotho’s Malealea Valley. Our biennial program challenges participants to create issue-based, aesthetically provocative, entertaining theatre.

Since its inception, the Theatre for Development (TfD) focus of WSI has been a response to the community health situation in Lesotho. Along with much of sub-Saharan Africa, Lesotho has a staggering HIV infection rate—currently estimated at over 23%  (the 3rd highest in the world), and disproportionately affecting young women between 18 and 24. As part of addressing the pandemic, WSI examines the ways in which complex social issues impact the spread of the virus.Learn more at the W/S website.


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