Transformative Narratives Blog

>Yvette Hyater-Adams, a graduate of the IMA in the Transformative Language Arts concentration, has a new blog, Transformative Narratives, to go along with her coaching, workshop facilitation, leadership development and other work. She says of the new blog, “For years, I’ve been conducting writing workshops, supporting writers as a writing coach, providing personal and leadership development as an executive coach, facilitating team building, and designing leadership development programs using transformative narratives methodology. Several of you have experienced this work, and have shared how it has been helpful to you on your path. On my blog, I’ll speak to ways of using transformative narratives to give clarity to vision and goals, attain right livelihood, convey clear communication, and claim the power of your voice. My intention is that you’ll find the messages in the blog helpful and supportive to your personal and leadership development, writing, and business goals.” Read about Yvette’s work in the world in an earlier Worlds of Change post.

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