Goddard Faculty on Tour in Tucson

>Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, IMA faculty and coordinator of Transformative Language Arts, recently gave four readings and a transformative writing workshop in Tucson as part of her book tour for The Sky Begins at Your Feet: A Memoir on Cancer, Community and Coming Home to the Body and her fourth book of poetry, Landed. She read at Silverbell Trading Company, an art gallery owned by permaculturists Barbara and Keith Rose; two events organized by Temple Emanu-El on embodied, transformative writing through age and change; and with local writer Jefferson Carter in the Historic Y courtyard in a bioregional reading organized by the Sky Island Alliance, an organization that protects the varied ecosystems of sky islands, mountains rising from the desert where many species of plants and animals reside. She was also featured in several blogs — one on the transformative power of storytelling, Telling Stories, and another on the power of writing, Jump Write In by MA-TLA alumni Debra Thornley. She also held information sessions on Goddard wherever she traveled. Finally, she made a new friend (photo on left) at the Sonoran Desert Museum.

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