Bernard Carey: Absentee Fatherhood, the African-American Community and Healing Through Performance

>A funny thing happened on Bernard Carey’s way to create a mentorship curriculum for African-American men. Through his study of absentee fathers in the Black community (up to 65% in some communities), he found his way back to his daughter years after being only peripherally involved in her life. Through talking with his daughter, Dawn Crandell, a spoken word performer in her own right, about what he was learning about himself and the world, he ended up creating with her a performance piece that blends poetry, monologue and song to explore and seek to heal the rift between absentee fathers and the children they left behind. From there, he and his daughter have been invited to perform their piece — “Crossing into Presence” — in the New York and D.C. areas, and eventually in Europe.

Listen to Bernard’s story of “Crossing into Presence.”
Download an electronic press kit for “Crossing into Presence,” which includes some of this powerful show.

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